Snails are one of the seafood specialties that you can’t ignore when traveling and vacation in this beautiful coastal city. Snails in Nha Trang are both crunchy and tough, seafood sauces are tasteless of the sea. The snail here is not only plentiful in terms of variety but also a variety of ways to build the sea as well as prices from affordable to high-end to suit every segment of tourists.

And then, Beachfront Nha Trang Apartment (Muong Thanh apartment rental unit in Nha Trang) will introduce to you the delicious Snail shops in this beautiful coastal city:

Alley Snails

Address: 89/5 Van Don

Selling time: 16hpm

The shop is located in the alley, the location is difficult to find, if anyone has a crush on the snail dishes, it is impossible to find it, prepared with a variety of menu and processing style like Saigon with the dishes prepared with garlic , pepper, cheese, roasted salt, roasted tamarind, coconut rim, …. this shop is the most popular, for the most demanding customers.

Ms. Van’s shop

Address: No. 144, Road No. 2, Quốc Tuấn

Selling time: 15h00pm

The typical dish of the restaurant is the super-delicious saturated scallop. The oysters are marinated with satay, the big ones are skewered into a stick, dotted with seafood green chilli, to make sure. The price of the dish fluctuates 60,000 / 1 dish, the price is quite high but in exchange, the quality and freshness of the dishes are different from other snail shops.

Chin Cho Dam snail shop

Address: 54 Nguyen Thai Hoc

Selling time: 8:00 am – 11:00

Ben Ca snail

Selling time: 15:00

Belonging to the alley, in Phuong Sai market area, if you have lost your way to this bustling market, don’t forget to come and enjoy it. It is a popular snail shop, so the space is small, only displaying plastic tables and beautiful chairs, the price is cheap, fluctuating around 20,000-25,000 VND / dish. In addition, the restaurant also serves seafood porridge, only 15k / 1 bowl of excellent quality.

Thap Ba real estate

Address: 85 Thap Ba Street

Selling time: 15:00 pm Referring to Thap Ba, people mention, Thap Ba seafood, because here comes from the beginning of the road to the end of the road, where there are also eateries, diverse dishes from seafood, dishes made from snails, shrimp, fish, or popular dishes such as bread, soup cakes, pancakes, or snacks such as winter frost flan cream, dried beef salad …. The best seller dish of the shop is still seafood porridge and snail salad, because it is located on a seafood road, the price is quite high, but the quality is not changed.

Long Vu Snail Shop

Address: 133 Thap Ba

Time: afternoon + evening

Seafood shops

Address: 06 Ngo Sy Lien

Time: evening sale

Vy snail shop

Address: 39 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai

Time: evening sale

Sea Wind Seafood Restaurant

Address: 10 Pham Van Dong

Time: sell all day

In the article, I share to you the many snail shops that are favored by many tourists and of course there are still many places I haven’t discovered yet, please add more if you know.

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